5 Must Visit Coffee Shops in Paris for your Next Trip

5 Must Visit Coffee Shops for Your Next Trip to Paris

Posted on: Friday, July 24, 2015

There’s a love that I have for coffee shops that is often hard to put into words and most easily described via my influx of coffee images on Instagram.  It’s not just the coffee shops themselves. But rather the aroma & warmth that comes along with holding a fantastically curated cup of coffee in a lovely coffee mug.  I am a superbly visual person, to say the least. I find it absolutely charming to wrap myself up in the environment of a coffee shop that prides itself on a creating beautiful cup of coffee.

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Must Visit Coffee Shops in Paris

When I first moved to Toronto from San Diego, I was lucky enough to see that the city embraces my coffee-loving mantra.  I easily slotted myself right into the quaintest coffee shops they have.  So spending the month in Paris, another city that prides itself with corner coffee shops blossoming with the finest of espresso machines, has been quite a treat for a coffee-lover like myself.  Because so much of my Paris trip was surrounded by coffee shops, I thought you’d love to see the beauty I’ve seen.  These coffee shops in Paris are a must-add to your itinerary for your next Paris trip!

Should you find yourself traveling to Paris anytime soon, here are two great drinks to order when you arrive. Let’s start with the Café Crème (Caf-ay Cr-eh-m).  This espresso based drink is served in a larger mug with a good amount of cream, making this the most bang for your euro.  It’s my go-to and I’ve yet to have a bad one!  If you’re used to ordering lattes, the most similar coffee to order is a Café au lait (Caf-ay oh lay).  It’s espresso with more milk and served in a larger latte-style mug. Most, if not all, coffee shops in Paris will know it when you order it.  Those are my two favorites.

1 || Telescope, 5 Rue Villedo | 1st Arrondissement |

In the 1st arrondissement, you’ll find one of the most minimal, yet well decorated coffee shops in Paris.  Télescope is as subtle as small coffee shops get.  With a tiny white hand-painted sign on the glass door, the only indicator you’ve arrived is the lovely yellow bike out front.  Head in.  Order the banana bread, or baguette and jam, and a Cafe Creme over ice, and you’re set.

telescope-cafe-paris, paris-coffee-shops, coffee-shops-paris

telescope-cafe, coffee-shops-paris

2 || Frenchie To-Go, 9 Rue Du Nil | 2nd Arrondissement |

In the 2nd arrondissement, pop into Frenchie to-go.  As far as coffee shops in Paris go, you can order a breakfast sandwich and cafe au lait at the counter.  Grab a seat and they’ll bring your breakfast and coffee to your table.  This has a very hipster, Americana vibe. If you’re craving full on bacon & egg sandwich, this is the place to get it.  Frenchie to go is open on Sundays, which is great, because brunching on weekends has become a thing here in Paris too.

frenchie-to-go, paris-coffee-shops

Frenchie-to-go, paris-coffee-shops

3 || Boot Cafe, 19 Rue Du Pont Aux Choux – Order an iced cafe and a chocolate chip cookie || 3rd Arrondissement |

The 3rd arrondissement is one of my favorites for coffee shops in Paris.  There are a slew of lovely places to take a seat.  Three of my favorites are the Boot Cafe, Ob-La-Di, and Foundation Cafe.  Boot Cafe has all of the perfect makings for that quintessential Instagram snap.  It’s tiny inside, well decorated with a few darling tables inside. Outside the most colorful facade and chairs await a seat in the front.  Grab yourself an cafe creme on ice and take a seat.  Be prepared to take a bunch of photos as this coffee shop has a lot of eye candy.

boot-cafe-paris, coffee-shops-in-paris

boot-cafe-paris, coffee-shops-in-paris


4 || Ob-La-Di, 54 rue de Saintonge – Order the Café Au Lait and a scone || 3rd Arrondissement |

This coffee shop in Paris makes my interior design dreams come true.  From the beautifully laid blue and white tile flooring to the copper-wired lighting and the soft interior wall color, spending a morning in this lovely space is easy to do.  It’s small, so be prepared to join up with a few others at a table space. Enjoy the yummy scones and a Café au lait.

coffee-shops-paris, ob-la-di-coffee

ob-la-di, paris-coffee-shops

5 || Foundation Cafe, 16 rue Dupetit Thouras – Order the seasonal pastry and a Cafe Creme || 3rd Arrondissement |

Foundation Cafe is located on the rue Dupetit Throuas which is one of my favorite streets to walk along.  After your coffee, stroll down this quiet street.  Where you can explore a quaint bookshop, lunch at a lovely outdoor cafe, or grab tea or a glass of wine.  This area is definitely worth spending an afternoon in, sipping, shopping, and people watching.

foundation-cafe, coffee-shops-paris


Just a few extra tips|| Be prepared for smaller servings (which is one thing I love about Europe, in general).  And ask for the L’Addition (Law Adiss-ee-own) when you’re ready for the check.  Coffee shops in Paris will are in no rush to push you out and will let you take as much time as you want people watching and chatting.  So when you’re ready to go, just ask!  Above all, take in the richness and relaxation of the coffee shop mentality like the French do.  It’s the perfect way to spend a few hours.  Have you been to Paris? Are you planning a trip soon? If you do, I hope you stop into one of these lovely gems! What is your fav-fav-favorite coffee shop?

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