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Decorating a Small Closet Space

Posted on: Thursday, January 21, 2016

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I’m excited to finally share a little interior style post featuring a small space in my bedroom I call the closet “nook” using removable peonies wallpaper from Chasing Paper.  Read on to see images of the before & after!

My little bedroom closet “nook” – Before

A Before/After Closet Nook Makeover using Chasing Paper Peonies Wallpaper on Art in the Find, closet makeover, removable wallpaper

I admit it.  I think my husband and I have become life-long renters.  It’s not that I don’t love the idea of owning a darling red brick home, decked out with a mid-century style tulip dining table and Danish chairs, it’s just that we are in a fun-travel-phase of our lives and haven’t quite settled down yet in the city that we want to call home yet.

For the current moment, the place we’re calling home for another year is Toronto.  Before we moved here last February, I knew I wanted to rent a place in a neighbourhood but still within the downtown Toronto area.  Thanks to the help of a lovely rental realtor, we found a quaint little row home on a semi-quiet street near a gorgeous park.  We really lucked out and I thank my stars.  But then came the challenge of taking this rented space and making it our own.  Renting can present a challenge in that way, both good and bad.  Renters out there, do ya hear me? 

When we left San Diego, we had been living in a high-rise condo downtown.  In the 7 years we were there, I had done quite a bit of painting and updating, to our owner’s displeasure.  Sadly, it didn’t bode well for us (I’ll spare the story of having our entire deposit withheld..) and it left me with nightmares of painting any future place we were/are renting, ever. again!

The 2-story space we have now has crisp white walls, freshly painted from a new renovation before we moved in.  I love the idea of white walls and am leaving them as such, mostly.  There is one area in our room however, a nook if you will, that I knew could have used a little vamping up.  It’s a kind of awkward inset space, framed with a west-facing slanting wall.  I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first, so my husband installed a closet rod for his clothes.  Which didn’t last long! Realizing that he wanted a more efficient way to get ready in the morning, he opted to move his clothes into the guest bedroom which is next to our bathroom.  So it was in that moment, I chose the opportunity to take this little space and redecorate it.  Rather than paint it (oh, the horror!) I decided to turn to the next best thing for renters, removable wallpaper.  I mean, this stuff is really a God-send!

I didn’t have a lot of experience with it in the past but I knew of a few cool companies that are creating some awesome removable wallpaper.  Chasing Paper was one of those companies.  They work with some pretty rad artists to create some cool prints.  I started searching within the color choice that was in our bedroom already, Gold.  When I came across this removable peonies wallpaper print, I knew I nailed it! And as soon as it arrived and I saw the peonies wallpaper print in person, I was in heaven.

A work in progress…

decorating with peonies wallpaper from chasing paper on art in the find, closet redecoration, peonies wallpaper,

It took me an afternoon or so to position the peonies wallpaper in all the right nooks and crannies. If you have a straight-edged floor to ceiling wall, it would take far less time, I imagine, but in the end, it was all well worth it.

The reveal…

peonies wallpaper for a closet nook re-design project on art in the find, removable wallpaper, peonies printed wallpaper, wallpaper wallpaper, peonies

Learning to decorate with removable Peonies wallpaper from chasing paper on art in the find, removable wallpaper, wallpaper, peonies

Learn how to transform your small space with removable wallpaper on art in the find, chasing paper, peonies wallpaper, removable wallpaper

removable wallpaper, peony print wallpaper, peonies wallpaper from chasing paper on Art in the Find

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tulle skirts, midi skirts, pink tulle skirt, mint tulle skirt, black and white striped skirt

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If it’s a small, or even larger, wallpaper project you have in mind, I highly recommend using removable wallpaper.  Despite a few initial “sticky situations” I finally got the hang of the wallpaper rolls and even with the angled wall (I used an exacto knife for those crazy angled corners) I turned out great.  And when we move, no doubt, it’ll be an easy-to-remove project.  Stay tuned over the next few months, as I continue the home reveal with our room and entire space feature on some upcoming blogs! What home projects are you/have you been working on?

Thank you to Chasing Paper for their fantastic removable peonies wallpaper (you can find some right here too!).

wallpaper | Peonies print

shelving | Home Depot, pine plywood slats and sisal rope

animal print rug | Wayfair

Chippendale chair | vintage, I found off Craigslist

trigg large wall vessel | Umbra

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