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5 of the Best Spring Color Combinations for Clothes

Posted on: Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring is here and with it, fun color combinations to try. But do you know where to start? Art in the Find has 5 great color combinations to try. Click to read more!


Living in Toronto has all but given me a newfound appreciation for spring.  I always knew that spring was a beautiful season.  What with the flowers starting to blossom and the sun sifting in through the window a bit earlier each day, those moments are all part of the feeling of spring.  But when you come from a climate that’s always mild and start living in a city where it cools down in October and the cold finally wears off in April,  you truly, truly appreciate spring.

Such was the case this past weekend in Toronto.  Those temperatures finally reached 60 and friends, Torontonians were all about spring.  This got me thinking about spring in a style sense.  Spring has so much life within its season.  It’s truly remarkable, like the world is awakening and colors are coming alive.  Spring is all about revival of color.  You can see it in the cherry blossoms blooming on the trees, hear it in the birds that start chirping in the neighborhood, even the sun seems to shine a bit brighter (and longer).  Color and life is everywhere.

Mixing color into a wardrobe is something that brings life into an outfit.  Color draws people in.  Think about the last time you were complimented on an outfit piece of yours.  Did it contain color in some way?  It’s safe to say it may have.  There are reasons for this and when you safely and confidently execute a fabulous color combination, you know you’ve nailed it when others throw a compliment your way.  Color theorists tell us that certain color combinations, when mixed together, can be pleasing to the eye.  These colors create a sense of harmony to our eye, giving us that “ohhh, that looks good” feeling.  So which ones are those?   Which look best on you?


With spring around the corner, there are plenty of color combinations for clothes to try! But when mixing colors, where do you start? Art in the Find has some of the best color combinations to try! Click to read more.

A quick trick to find out which color combinations for clothes are the best for you! Hold a piece of colorful clothing up to your cheek and look into a mirror, say in a dressing room.  If you suddenly appear washed out or see dark-er under eye circles, the color doesn’t suit your skin tone.  If holding up the piece of colorful clothing makes you appear to ‘blush’ or pinkins your cheeks, you’ve nailed a great color! 


Not all color combinations may suit you best but now you know how to give the color a try on your skin tone, here are a few color combinations for clothes to try that work beautifully together.

  • Blue and citrus yellow | One of my favorite bright color combinations for clothes, blue and citrus yellow work beautifully together.  The two complementary colors play well with each other on the color wheel and also work great together in an outfit.  Try mixing a pattern with one of the colors, like I did with the blue striped top, and matching a solid with the other color piece.

Looking for some of the best color combinations for clothes this spring? Here are 5 color combinations to try that will give your outfit a colorful pop. Click the blog link to read more!



  • Black/white and Pink | Start with a base of black and white.  It can be a black & white striped dress, or a black skirt and white top.  Than layer with pink, bright or light.  You can use pink as an accessory, such as the adorable Olivia did here, or you can use it as an outfit piece to create a uniformed look.  Black and white striped top and pink skirt? Yup!

Unsure about pairing color combinations? Art in the Find shares 5 color combinations for clothes that pair perfectly together for spring. Click to read the post.

photo Livvyland

  • Coral or blush with turquoise  | Sometimes when a two color combinations seem to err on the brighter side, a perfect way to seamlessly combine them is with one as the main outfit focus color (the coral) and the other (the turquoise), added as the accessory.  This can be done with reversing the color roles too.  But a great rule of thumb if playing around with color is new to you, is to add in a second pop of color gently with an accessory.

If you're looking to mix colors together this spring, Art in the Find has 5 color combinations for your clothes and accessories to try! Click to read the post!



  • Lime green and royal blue | Both of these colors are super bold, but when paired together, create an amazing color duo.  Think about wearing solids in both of these colors and incorporating a print in your shoe or sticking to black to tie it all together!

Looking to try some new colorful outfit combinations for your clothes? Art in the Find has 5 ideas for spring outfits on the blog! Click to read more.

image via Atlantic/Pacific


  • Periwinkle, white, and peach or coral or orange | Use blue and white as your base, in solids or stripes.  Then layer on the color with a peach or coral accessory.  You can also reverse it for another fantastic colorful outfit combination! Love this look from Jenn Lake of Style Charade.

If you've been wanting to experiment with color, now is your chance to try a few new colorful outfit combinations with these 5 spring color combos. Click to read the post!

image via Style Charade

What color combinations will you be bold enough to try this season?  Leave a note and let me know! Itching to try a color combo but aren’t sure if it will work?  Ask away!


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