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Style File: Heidi Daoud of Wishes & Reality

Posted on: Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Style File: Interviews with everyday women to get their take on what everyday style means
 As we enter September, I’m kicking off the month with a brand new Style File feature!  Meet Heidi, blogger of Wishes & Reality.  Heidi talks all about her love of fashion and a desire to share inspiration.  As always, I love these features and today is just another example.  I love sharing other females passions and their personal style! Read on to learn more about Heidi and what inspires her style on The Style File.

The Style File | Heidi Daoud

Today's Style File interview on art in the find features lovely Heidi Daoud of Wishes and Reality. Read more about her style and her take on what 'style' should mean to every women out there
Heidi of Wishes and Reality shares her take on style for today's style file series episode on Art in the Find!
Heidi of Wishes and Reality shares her take on style for today's style file series episode on Art in the Find!
Heidi of Wishes and Reality shares her take on style for today's style file series episode on Art in the Find!
My name is Heidi Daoud and I’m the owner and editor of Wishes & Reality.  Wishes & Reality is a Chicago based lifestyle blog featuring a mix of timeless classics and modern trends.  It’s a resource for fashion, food and all things Chicago.  There is always a wish and a reality in life.  On my blog, I work to feature pieces that are affordable, as well as showcase designer-inspired looks.

For friends who are new to seeing your affordable, designer-inspired looks, what are a few words you would use to describe your ‘everyday style’?

When I get asked to describe my personal style, the first three words that come to mind are classic, easy and minimal. It’s all about being able to throw on something simple and stylish, yet comfortable.  And having those key mix and match pieces in your wardrobe.

I agree! You really keyed in on what’s important for women to remember: find pieces you can mix & match for the best use of your wardrobe!  What’s something in your closet that you can mix & match, that you couldn’t live without?

I could not live without my black leather moto jacket. It’s an incredibly versatile piece that I turn to again and again. A great leather jacket adds just the right amount of edge. It can be paired with anything from a lace dress to distressed jeans. Its an instant confidence booster for me.

Anything that helps improve your confidence is such a bonus, right?!  When you think about overall style, what helps contribute to that?

My style has DEFINITELY evolved over the past couple of year and that is 100% because of blogging. Before I started W&R I was basically throwing darts while blindfolded hoping to hit a target. If something looked good on someone else, I tried it. After I started W&R and seeing photos of myself, I began to realize what worked and what didn’t. It all boiled down to what I felt good in and what gave me confidence. I realized that I’m pretty minimal and I love owning pieces that can be combined in different ways. I consider my style very modern classic.

I love the idea of really getting women to hone in on what they feel good in rather than wearing what everyone has on.  How do you feel about the idea of style & fashion trends as seen in the media, online, outside?

I love it! I think seeing “street style” makes people realize that they don’t need to run out and buy the latest trendy pieces but can shop their own closet and mix pieces in new ways!

Where do you think that most of our ‘trends’ begin?

Today, I think so many trends are driven via social media. Whether it’s a blogger or a brand, social media allows the consumer to imagine how to incorporate styles into their own life.

I guess that’s stems from “street style” too!  What is a recommendation you have for shopping, trying on a piece of clothing, trying a new style?

I always ask myself how I can incorporate the item/style into my existing wardrobe. If I can’t make at least 3 outfits with it, it’s almost always a pass.  This has saved me from making purchases that either seemed to be a great deal, but I didn’t really need or want. Its also made dressing and putting outfits together on a day to day basis so much easier!
Thank you so much Heidi for sharing some of your personal style, some of your style tips, and a little honestly for the Style File! Follow Heidi on her blog and on her Instagram feed to get a great take on her style!  Check out our very first interview for the Style File with California casual Natalie Borton of Thoughts by Natalie. 
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