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Style File: Jennifer Lake, Fashionista & PR Pro

Posted on: Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Style File: Interviews with everyday women to get their take on what everyday style means

Welcome back to one of my faaaaavorite blog posts/series, The Style File.  As this series continues to grow, I am constantly inspired by the lovely ladies who are openly sharing their style stories with me on the blog.  This week is no exception.  Today’s style file story comes from Jennifer Lake, otherwise known for her blog, Style Charade.  She is a full time VP PR maven at a PR firm in Chicago and somehow manages to fit in full time blogging as well!  Her colorful wall & style combo posts on Instagram have created quite a buzz.  She has a great eye for cohesive & colorful style and is sharing some of her tips with us on today’s post!

Today's Style File Post features colorful style maven Jennifer Lake. Join me as she shares a candid style interview with me on Art in the Find

Join me for a candid interview on style with Jenn Lake of Style Charade today on Art in the Find's Style File!

Join me for a candid interview on style with Jenn Lake of Style Charade today on Art in the Find's Style File!

Jennifer Lake of Style Charade shares her take on style for today's interview on the Style File with Art in the find


Welcome Jenn!  I’m so thrilled to have you on today’s Style File! Thank you so much for chatting with me about all things style!  I’ve been adoring your colorful style and ability to print mix, especially with all those walls!  You blend pieces and manage to look fabulously chic, yet professional.  With your full time PR day job and as a blogger, let’s start with how you would describe your everyday style?

Feminine and classic with a twist. Oh, and colorful of course! Ever since I was little, my style icons were Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly – the epitome of class and elegance. More modern style iconoclasts include Cate Blanchett and Diane Kruger.

I found your feed on Instagram a while back and you definitely make great use of color in your style.  I feel as if we are kindred spirits in color, for sure!  Do you happen to have a favorite resource for style?

Even though I do most of my shopping online, independent brick and mortar shops stores are perfect resources and always seem to have their finger on the pulse of emerging trends (e.g. Ikram in Chicago). For instance, I love the way that retailers style looks in unique ways – from mannequins in the windows to the seasonal color buys. I am constantly inspired!

I was in Paris over the month July last year and completely died over all of their window displays!  I agree, you can glean such inspiration out of ‘window shopping’.   As women, we often need to give ourselves a pep-talk when it comes to style.  What are three words that you think women should mantra to themselves every day before getting ready in the morning.

You got this!

So simple, yet so powerful, that phrase!  It can be daunting out there sometimes and we so often get overwhelmed.  A little reminder like that can go a long way.  One thing I love to help people with is organizing their closets to make getting dressed a little more manageable everyday.  Do you have any sort of organizational method for your closet?

For as long as I can remember, I have organized my closet by color. I also separate by categories – two sections for dresses (everyday and special occasion), one for skirts, another for tops, then one for blazers/jackets. Within each section I sort by color – lightest to darkest. I would love to say that it is always impeccably sorted, but there are many weeks where I have a bunch of items on extra hooks and racks to be organized later! Having it all done by color helps immensely when putting looks together or simply when I want to find something!

I couldn’t agree more!  Organizing by color is one of my favorite tips/tricks!  I think we all have moments where the clothes pile up, don’t you? I love the idea of extra hooks as a ‘to be organized’ method too.  What do you think helps to contribute to your overall style?

I’m a big believer that style is something you’re born with; an inherent quality if you will. Sure, you can learn (or adjust) your style over time, but my personal style has been consistent since I was little. I have always loved color and feminine styles (bows, pink, etc.). Trends come and go, and I definitely research designer trends to stay on top of everything, but I feel it’s imperative to have laser focus. Often, trends aren’t a fit for me, so I always try to rely on my instincts. And, while I respect the styles of others, I stick to my vision. There can only be one you, right?

That reminds me of my neon shorts I used to wear when I was a child.  I guess I’ve always loved color too.  It is so important for women out there to remember that just because we seem to see “everyone” in trends, it doesn’t mean that the trends are for everyone.  When you put something on and feel great in it, there is no better feeling.  Stick to your vision!  Maybe I should have asked you to mantra 4 words because I think that’s a good one too!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and style with Art in the Find readers!  If you want to find out more about Jenn, you can check her out on Instagram and on her blog too.  If you are inspired to read more about other everyday ladies and their style, click over to read more Style File stories here.  If you know someone who might want to be featured (or maybe you love style and want to be featured too) leave a comment or email me!


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  • Avatar Jenn Lake

    Thank you for including me in this series! Have a great weekend ahead, lady!

  • Avatar Erica

    I love this series! It’s one of my favorites and I look forward to your posts. I feel I am in the midst of a style evolution from classic, contemporary to more of a modern boho as I move from a corporate environment to a mom of 2. I’d love to be featured in your series sometime!

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