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Style File: Tiffany Pratt, Artist, Maker, Dreamer

Posted on: Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Style File: Interviews with everyday women to get their take on what everyday style means

This week’s style file brings us in on the colorful, artistic life of creator and maker, Tiffany Pratt.  Where do I even begin telling my love affair story of Tiff?  Tiffany and I met officially last year, although I was Insta-stalking her years before that.  Her flare for color and imagination really hit a sweet spot with me.  Once we met, we both knew we had common googly eyes for the creative world.  She introduced a line of canvas clothing, dubbed her canvas collection I featured on my blog back in the fall.   Beyond that and many other qualities, her internal motivation makes you want to move mountains when you’re around her.  Read on about Tiffany and her style for today’s edition of The Style File.

Today's Style File interview on art in the find features colorful creative Tiffany Pratt. Read more about her fabulously unique style and her take on what 'style' should mean to every women out there.

Style File: Tiffany Pratt, Maker, Creator, Dreamer

Welcome Tiff!  So happy to have you on Art in the Find today.  Let’s kick off the interview with an introduction, shall we?

My name is Tiffany Pratt and I am a designer, stylist, artist person. My life is dedicated to the art of making and creating a more beautiful place for myself and for others to live. I create spaces, places, scenes, environments, objects and garments.  I big picture events, someone’s world, commercial properties and backyards. Everyday I feel overwhelmed to be able to work for myself doing things that I truly love- living my life fully in the creative. I just added author to my title and my book ‘THIS CAN BE BEAUTIFUL’ will be out this fall which is my mantra fully outlined in a lifestyle DIY book.  It teaches everyone that you can have what you want using what you already have. Life is precious and stunning and I want to help everyone I meet see the beauty that we can all make, have and share.
Today's Style File interview on art in the find features colorful creative Tiffany Pratt. Read more about her fabulously unique style and her take on what 'style' should mean to every women out there.

You really are a (grateful) Jane of all trades!  I’ve worked with you in a few different avenues and you throw nothing but gratitude at people and life.  I love it!  Seeing that the Style File focuses on women’s everyday style, how would you describe your ‘everyday style’?

Everyday holds a different purpose for me so my dress code is more like costuming. From meetings to demo on a space, to a television appearance, to hunting and gathering for treasures, I try to dress for my life. The common thread is functional form filled with dimension. I view dressing as an art form that should involve lots of layers and colour. Texture and accessories are big for me as is experimentation and originality.
Tiffany Pratt shares her take on style in this week's Style File interview on art in the find. Click to read the post

Functional filled with dimension, I love that!  I see that in your Canvas Collection pieces.  What are some other pieces you’ve created that you love?

I created a line of clothing out of canvas that started as garments I designed for myself to wear on the move.  They are trapeze style, Japanese-inspired silhouettes that are both a creamy blank canvas (literally) for great shoes and accessories to pop.  As well, they are a stylish way of wearing hard working clothes for [a] maker’s life that still look polished!  I have just finished a new line of them and these pieces are truly my wardrobe foundation right now.  You can check out my look book of my newest collection here.

tiffany pratt in boyfriend ripped jeans and an oversized floral sweatshirt interviewed for Art in the Find's style file

A second collection?! Girl you are always on the move, creating, and revamping, I love it! You’re running late in the morning, what is one thing that you wouldn’t dare leave the house without (makeup, hair, clothes, anything…)

If I was running late I would never skip a shower, brushing my teeth, a big round of bronzer, too many bracelets and a swipe of concealer. Everything else I can manage as I go. I have doubles of everything both at home and in my car cause I am always on the move. So if I forgot deodorant or lipstick, I could just put it on in the car. I live a very mobile and fast paced life so running late is always a thing for me and I prepare accordingly.
Tiffany Pratt in Pink Sunglasses and a scarf on Art in the fInd

Doubles, now that is a rule I can live by!  I love that idea.  Now, your style is truly unique, a blend of function and color.  It works so well for you.  Style is something so subjective and plenty of women struggle to figure out their own.  How would you define what should go into making up someone’s “style”?

Style is how you live and what you want to see more of in the world. Style is in your blood and in your attitude. Style is your art made visible in form and something that is personal and life enhancing to your person. Style is your vibes communicated to the world through textures and colours. Style is an inside job that translates externally when you are confident in yourself and what you love.

tiffany pratt in a white and black caftan interviewed for Art in the Find's style file

Art.  Touched a nerve on that one.  I feel that style and art go hand in hand, hence the blog name, Art in the Find.  There is an art integrated into finding your style but women can truly do it with a little encouragement.  I love that answer, Tiff!!  What do you think helps contribute to your overall style?

I would say the most influential thing in my style has been hand-me-downs, thrifting, vintage shopping or being gifted something that I would never buy for myself. There is something challenging about using what comes to me and incorporating an items or garment that has already lived a life that has a soul or story that really enhances my look. There are lines, cuts, dimensions, tears, sun bleach stains and colours that you just cannot get from something new. Using and enhancing the old is truly something that is unique for me and I love making the tired or forgotten new again. Also, when you create your style with items like this, they cannot be replicated and I have a bit of love for originality so this way of styling really rings my bell.

Today's Style File interview on art in the find features colorful creative Tiffany Pratt. Read more about her fabulously unique style and her take on what 'style' should mean to every women out there.

Uniqueness.  Now that is a cool style idea!  Do you have a thought about ‘style’ that you can impart to Art in the Find readers? Something you believe in?

My favorite thought for style is: Do not over think anything. I think so much invention in style can be lost by over thinking. So many beautiful things are born out of experimentation. Try things on, just walk out the door and see. Test the waters, go longer, go shorter, go bolder, take something off, put something on–just walk out the fucking door and see. Your first choice is always the best and your guts lead you down the right path and your style was just waiting there for you all along.

Today's Style File interview on art in the find features colorful creative Tiffany Pratt. Read more about her fabulously unique style and her take on what 'style' should mean to every women out there.

I couldn’t agree more!  How many  of us have strewn clothes allll about our floor just to end up in what we started with?!?  If it’s one thing to take away, I hope that women will trust their gut.  What are three words that you think women should mantra to themselves every day before getting ready in the morning?

Mantra: I love my body exactly as it is, and I will celebrate all that is perfect and imperfect about me with these garments I love. I walk with my shoulders back because I am proud of who I am and that is not defined by my clothes. What is inside of me will penetrate whatever it is that I am wearing and imbue my style with LOVE!

LOVE.  Amen.  Thank you Tiff for sharing your love, your style, and your mantra with us.

For more inspiration, you can follow Tiffany on her journey and you can check out her awesomely beautiful shop filled with creative inspo.  For past Style File episodes & interviews, check out my Style File page here!

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