5 Tips You Need for Being an Entrepreneur

Thinking of Being an Entrepreneur? 5 Tips You Need

Posted on: Wednesday, April 2, 2014


being an entrepreneur | Art in the Find

March was a tough month for me.  It was the first time that being an entrepreneur really hit home for me.  While I’m revealing myself under the covers here, I might as well admit that so was February.  I lost myself somehow.  Just a bit, or wholeheartedly, I could argue.  Not on purpose really.  I didn’t even see it coming and then there it was.  Insecurity.  I let it creep in and take hold and boy did it do a number on me.  I’m not proud to admit it.  I won’t rant and rave (for long at least…) but I will say that starting a new business is. Hard with a capital H.  It can be very isolating, lonely, and just plain scary.  Then to add insult to injury, let’s couple that with my human nature to compare myself to others and their successes and I think you’re starting to get the picture of “Conni, the Insecure.”  Not quite the super hero I envisioned myself to be.

Being an entrepreneur, I was mentally beating myself up with 1) Does anyone read my content?  2) Why aren’t my numbers high enough?  3) Where is…  4) Why haven’t I heard back from…  5) Aren’t I good enough?  Crash, bang, boom.  There I was sitting alone amidst the throngs of empty boats.

being an entrepreneur | Art in the Find

And with all that, I started to lose my voice, my confidence, and instead of being in the swirly, whirly world of blogging & styling gumdrops like my good friend Buddy the Elf would have put it, I was in the swirly, whirly world of losing out on why I started my business in the first place.  I did some reflecting and lots of listening and discovered a few things worth noting.

Here are my little nuggets of advice about being an entrepreneur (in case anyone was asking…).  Ah, the good stuff:

  1. You win some, you lose some.  Starting a business tests the boundaries of friendships.  You will lose some friends.  But, you will gain trusted advisors whom you can turn to with your fears and they will give you sage advice.  When in doubt, turn to those people.  They will build you up and you will be thankful for them.
  2. You will do a lot of work, for nothing, until it becomes something.  You will put a lot, let me reiterate, Uh, Whole, Lot of work into your budding business and you will try, like the little engine that could, to get people to notice what you do.  Keep trying.  It’s working.  I have to remind myself every damn day that IT takes time.  (I’m impatient.  My father always knew it.)  And then, after some time, what you thought was nothing becomes something so fantastic.
  3. Reach out, far and wideCollaborate your booty off.  Twitter and blogging has been a wonderful world of connections.  It has brought me relationships with other bloggers who share what they love with me and allow me to share what I love with them.  Set a goal to collaborate with someone once a week.
  4. When you feel lonely, get coffee.  (Do not turn to social media!)   Social media is my vice.  I love it.  I hate it.  But whenever I’m feeling a lack of creativity, as much as I want to look at what everybody else is doing, I can’t, and you shouldn’t (if you’re anything like me), because all I do is compare and wind up feeling deflated.  What has worked for me is to literally take a coffee break.  Whether it’s by myself or asking a friend for coffee (which by the way is one of my most brain inspiring activities) I just need to grab some java and re-connect away from the social media pull.
  5. Numbers aren’t everything.  But they’re sure are tough to get away from.  We live in a numbers-driven world.  Sorry folks.  It’s a harsh reality that I’ve had to face.  More business, more numbers, more numbers, more business.  It’s a vicious cycle.  An being an entrepreneur, that is exactly what you’re business is focused on.  But let me tell ya, if you become too focused on numbers, you will lose yourself and become focused on the wrong things, like I did.  So what to do?  Re-read pieces of advice 2, 3, and 4, and engrain that into your brain.   Mantra.  Say it with me now….remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and stick to it!  Stay true to you.  And the numbers will come.  And being an entrepreneur will finally start to feel pretty great again!

being an entrepreneur | Art in the Find


being an entrepreneur | Art in the Find

(Image from the darling daughter of my friend Bonnie from A Golden Afternoon)

What have I learned about being an entrepreneur?  I learned it’s time to renew and get back to who I am.  April has goodness in store.  I’m focusing on finding my way to that goodness and sharing it with you.   Please share with me your struggles and successes in business or friendship.  I’d love to hear what’s worked and what hasn’t for you.

Helpful Link:  Here is a great link from the Everygirl about how to market your new website or business given to me from my darling friend Natalie of Thoughts by Natalie.


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  • Avatar Laura

    Amen to #4, Conni!

    Excited to finally meet you at the accessories exchange!

  • Avatar Patricia Yurasek

    Thank you for sharing your struggles on the blog. I often feel the same way too!advice is insightful and heartfelt. Just know that when I met you at the Creative Networking Event I saw a very professional and chic fashion blogger. 🙂 all great things take time and I know your time

  • Avatar Patricia Yurasek

    Thank you for sharing your struggles on the blog today! I often feel the same way too! Your advice is insightful and heartfelt. Just know that when I met you at the Creative Networking Event I saw a very professional and chic fashion blogger! 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!

  • Avatar Cara

    Looking forward to our (virtual) coffee this week! And yes, collaborations once a week are a must. Honored to be a part of your goal.

  • Avatar Danielle

    So proud of you, Con!

  • Avatar Mandy Judd

    You Rock!!!!

  • Avatar kelly

    Thank you for your honest words. Not enough of us women are brave enough to expose our insecurities, though I and several others have felt this same way. I appreciate your positive attitude. Hope to meet you soon (and maybe collaborate!)

  • Avatar PJ

    I don’t know that I’ve ever commented on your blog, but decided I should! I love it, it’s always inspiring and I love reading about what you write. Style, ideas, decor, friends, etc! Don’t get discouraged! You are doing a great job so keep on!!!!! =)

  • Avatar Sarah Heller

    Great post conni! It takes a lot of guts to admit when you feel insecure. I remember the feeling well, the first couple years out on my own doing events was tough… I second guessed myself a lot, I dwelled on the mistakes (big and small) and I had moments where I didn’t believe in myself. Little by little I reminded myself of the nice comments I would receive, happy people around me, generous colleagues and the obstacles I overcame (big and small;) ) soon my calendar was full of stuff, people were anxious to book my services and my name spread around the community in a great way. It didn’t happen overnight…. But it happened. Try adding things to your schedule that don’t involve you new project…. Yoga or gardening or an art class. It will help fill some empty spaces in your schedule and you’ll be happy you did something for yourself in the free time…. Because soon you’ll be in such high demand you won’t have any free time left;)

  • Avatar Stacy

    What a wonderful post!

    I’ve learned that setbacks and “failures” sweeten your successes. They also provide valuable insight on how to operate in the future (*ahem* next time I will remember to make note cards for my next speech, haha).

    I can’t wait to work with you on your business materials. I think what you do is amazing and you definitely have talent! Send me an e-mail and let me know when’s a good time to meet up 🙂


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