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3 Useful Tips for Keeping Your Closet Organized

Posted on: Friday, May 9, 2014

Looking to finally get your closet in order? Here are 3 useful tips for organizing your closet on Art in the Find

What does the beginning of any season symbolize?  For me, it’s the chance to re-organize and re-structure any bits and pieces of my wardrobe that I can.  The first of which is organizing my closet.  Over the years, I’ve leant a helping hand to a few style clients and thought I would share with you a organizational closet tips that have been lifesavers to both clients and me!

Three Useful Tips for Keeping Your Closet Organized

3 Tips for Keeping Your Closet Organized on Art in the Find

My closet is a place of constant evolution, in that I am always changing things up, re-organizing, and editing what’s inside.  With the constant change, there are a few things that I’ve noticed over the years that have kept my closet a place of organized chaos.  These tidbits, or tips for organizing your closet, will get your closet looking tidy in no time!

Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Work with the Space You Have

Closet Organization Tip #1:  Let’s start with hangers.  Those nifty little doo-dads that help keep everything off the floor and in your closet.  Let’s face it, women are a lot more connected to hangers, as per experience, my husband rarely uses them!  Even so, very good hangers in our closet we ( ) will have.  (My clothes tend to overtake the closet, so by our, I really mean my..)

Two of my favorite types of hangers to keep my clothes organized and neat are 1) huggable felt hangers for almost everything and 2) wooden hangers for larger, heavier items like jackets & blazers.  You can purchase felt hangers in almost any color here or here for $10.00/10 pack.  Felt hangers are the best space savers and they make your closet look clean, streamlined, and organized.  I almost always bring some to my clients, or highly recommend they get them a.s.a.p, if they don’t have them in their closets already.

Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Dry cleaning note:

Did you know?  that you can ‘recycle’ your (ugly) dry cleaning hangers!  Simply bring them with you the next time you’re headed to the cleaners and they’ll take them back and re-use them!  Don’t, absolutely don’t, throw them away (or use them in your closet, for that matter…)

tips for dry cleaning hangers

Recycle those bad boys at your local dry cleaner, even one you don’t frequent will take them!

Put Away What You aren’t Wearing

Closet Tip #2: Use Garment Bags To Organize Seasonal Items.  Another one of my favorite tips for organizing your closet are using garment bags to store items according to each season.  Four (or more) times a year, you should take everything (and I mean ev.er.y.thing) out of your closet, give it a good sweep, vacuum, or wipe down, and re-organize your closet for the season.  Store items that you aren’t going to wear for that season (i.e.: winter jackets, wool items, etc for spring/summer) into garment bags by category (i.e.: jackets, dresses, etc.)(here are some I recommend).

Then, using a notepad & sharpie, label every garment bag so that when you pull them out again next season, you’ll have a whole “new” labeled bag of clothes to hang in your closet.  It’s recommended that you wash or take all your seasonal clothes before storing them (which admittedly, I don’t always do).  And also, use moth repellents such as cedar & lavender blocks, cedar rounds, or herbal packets, which can be placed at the bottom of the garment bag while stored.

garment bags for storageGet everything in the garment bag good and snug.  Then add a moth repellant for safe keeping.

tips for closet organization

Once it’s all zipped up and labeled, store it on the sides, or out of sight in your closet for the season!

Re-Asses and Purge

Closet Tip #3:  Re-try everything on.  One of my most useful tips for organizing your closet is one that is extensive but useful! (Grab a glass of champagne and turn on some great tunes for this one…) This could be partnered up with tip 2 because before you stash away your lovely items for the season, or after you’ve brought out a new round of garment bags that you stashed away, try your clothes on again.  What condition are they in?  Do they still fit? Properly??  If you find yourself saying, “I haven’t worn this in over…..” (I’d give it 6 months on the stylist’s opinion side or 8-12 months on the safe side), then get rid of it.  Yes, even if it still has the tags on it.  Note: we have all done this ladies…

how to find out if a blazer fits

Does the blazer still fit? Is it still in good condition? 

a tailored blazer

 Photography: Andrea Gallagher Photography

If you haven’t worn the item in that long chances are there is a reason.  Whether it’s the weight you’ve been trying to lose, the color just isn’t right,  or the cut of the item just doesn’t flatter you, there is a reason you haven’t worn it and that reason will not go away.  You won’t suddenly, amazingly fall in love with it and wear it all the time, if you haven’t already.  So, two words: Let. GoYou can read more about why it’s important not to hang on to too many things in your closet here.

Let me know what works for you and what doesn’t!  I’d love to hear and give feedback to help you.

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  • Avatar sandy a la mode

    great tips! my closet is a complete and utter mess haha!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    • Avatar Art in the Find

      Hi Sandy, Happy I could offer a few tips to you! I hope those help you to start organizing (-: I have a few more tips coming your way, so stay tuned!

  • Avatar Anna Belle

    I need to do a better job of storing off-season clothes properly! It was so much easier when I lived in the south and it was just warm all the time…!

  • Avatar Jen W

    I JUST bought those grey Sole Society shoes yesterday! Love! Will take any thoughts on what to pair them with besides jeans! 🙂

  • Avatar Cass

    I’m so happy you encouraged your readers not to throw the hangers from the dry cleaner away! I keep a few of them in my closet for when I run out of hangers for tank tops or other items that don’t stay on hangers well.

    Oh, and can I steal your shoe closet please? So many swoonworthy pairs!

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