How to wear a tulle skirt

Wearing a Tulle Skirt to a Wedding

Posted on: Thursday, November 21, 2013

To make the most of the tulle skirt trend, Conni shares a few tips for pulling together a tulle skirt outfit to wear to a wedding on Art in the Find. Click to read the post

I love weddings.  I love attending weddings as a guest.  I love when I receive an invitation in the mail, drool over the lovely fonts, and take in all the wedding bliss as a guest.  I love the romance, the music, the dancing, and….dressing up for a wedding!   I get so excited just thinking about what. to. wear!!  I know I’m not alone in this dreamy world of sunshine and rainbows, but without a doubt, it is something that many guests worry about.  What do you wear??

Tulle Skirt

wearing a tulle skirt to a wedding | photography Limelife

Tulle Skirt


There is a lot to take into consideration when dressing for a wedding.  Weather, location, time of day.   Other than those considerations, when dressing for a wedding, there are really no “rules” that you absolutely have to live by.  Even the rule that a guest cannot wear white can be respectfully broken…although for the bride’s sake most female guests are polite enough to avoid the color white.  If I had to create a rule for attending a wedding as a guest, it would be to dress up, rather than dress down.  For Pete’s sake, it’s a great excuse to look nice, so why not!?

Here are a few my question and answer “rules” for what to wear for your next wedding you have to attend as a guest. And yes, it does include a tulle skirt.

1. Is it okay to wear a tulle skirt?  If so, How do I pair it? 

One of the perks of a tulle skirt (thanks to Carrie and SATC!) is that a tulle skirt is such a whimsical piece of clothing that when worn right, can maintain a classic elegance that has wedding written all over it.  The idea is to keep the look feminine with great accessories, that are toned down (black, nude, etc) so the focus is on the pop of the tulle skirt you’re wearing.  The long and short of it? I love a good skirt.  There is no doubt that this is an unconventional choice that a guest can make and by all means, do it!

Tulle Skirt

2. How Do I Pair a Tulle Skirt for a Wedding Outfit? 

Pair a tulle skirt with a body suit or a crisp white silk top. I love this look.  Just remember, if you do go the route of the skirt, keep it at right above knee length or lower.  You want to get your dance on without the big reveal, if you know what I mean!  Here are a few ideas for pairing a tulle skirt with other pieces for a wedding:

Tulle Skirt Tips

 a crisp silk top (lightly patterned or not)

a fitted body suit

a fitted lace top

a silk sleeveless top

layer with a structured blazer

Tulle Skirt

Tulle Skirt

Tulle Skirt

Tulle Skirt

Tulle SkirtTulle Skirt by Alexandra Grecco

Tulle Skirt

3. How Do I Add the Finishing Touches to make the Tulle Skirt Complete?

Accessorizing can often be a big challenge when it comes to making the tulle skirt outfit complete.  Don’t overdo it with a whole lot of sparkle.  Add a great statement necklace if your top isn’t patterned or textured.  If it is, think about accessorizing with bracelets and or a cocktail ring instead.  Here are a few helpful tips to complete your look with accessories:

accessorize with a statement necklace

add a few layered bracelets or one statement bracelet

wear kitten heels (1 1/2 inch heels) or heels with detail (like a bow!) for an added touch


Dressing for a Wedding
And there you go!  A complete outfit that is fit for a wedding.  Are you inspired to step outside your comfort zone and into a tulle skirt for your next wedding?   If you need more inspiration for what to wear to your next wedding, I’ve got a few helpful posts here.

Pull Together The Look!

Tulle Skirt outfit ideas on Art in the Find

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