Your Guide for What to Wear to a Wedding as a Guest

Your Guide for What to Wear to A Wedding as a Guest

Posted on: Thursday, April 30, 2015

This season if you have a wedding to attend and are wondering what to wear, Conni shares wedding guest attire for everything from a formal to casual wedding on Art in the Find. Click to read the post

It’s that time of year again, when wedding season picks up, invitation reply cards have been sent, and you’re looking through your closet wondering, just what do I wear?  What to wear to a wedding as a guest has its conundrums but I’m hear to help you solve those conundrums so you feel confident with what to wear as a guest to your next (of many!) weddings.

How do you know what to wear to a wedding as a guest?

In my style opinion, if you’re wondering what to wear as a wedding guest, it’s always best to dress up rather than down.  I’ve worn everything from a tulle skirt to a wedding last year, to a long emerald green maxi skirt to an outdoor wedding in December.  Especially as a male, you can never go wrong wearing a suit & tie to a wedding but sometimes there are particular dress codes written on invitations that are hard to decipher.  Or sometimes the wedding is destination and that may or may not imply dressing casually.  So how do you know?  Here are some helpful tips for what to wear to a wedding as a guest.

Is it okay to wear white as a guest? 

Yes.  In moderation.  Take for example, this gorgeous Naeem Khan kaftan dress.  This is a great way to wear white, while incorporating a pop of color.  As long as you incorporate another color into the white dress, you’re in the clear.

Is it okay to wear something other than a dress? 

Yes! I love when I see guests who break out of the mold when it comes to wedding attire.  I’m talking about gorgeous pant suits (channeling Yves Saint Laurent), flowing caftans, and my all time favorite, skirts. This YSL inspired suit is a beautiful outfit choice as a wedding guest.  Just remember to keep it, fit & tailored.  Think black tie for women.


  • Her | A floor-length dress is perfect for black tie.  A-line dresses are a beautiful fit for women for a formal wedding.  Think ball-gown style.  If you don’t have a floor length dress, you can opt for a dressy, knee-length cocktail dress and jazz it up with plenty of lovely jewels.
  • Him | For a guy, this is a no-brainer, a tux or formal black or blue suit and bow tie/black tie.

what to wear to a wedding as a guest | art in the find


emerald green dress (similar, long) || silver beaded gown (similar) || black gown (similar) || floral dress (sold out, floral cocktail dress linked here) ||


  • Her | The idea of semi-formal implies …so anything from a great cocktail dress (think your little black dress) or my personal favorite, a great skirt & top combo.  My only advice for the cocktail dress ladies is just be sure the length is appropriate.  Super short is not super cool!
  • Him | A matching suit paired with a tie is the best option here.

what to wear as a guest at a wedding | art in the find



  • Her | A sundress or a fit and flare dress are great options for a casual wedding.  These looks are feminine but casual, the perfect wedding outfit!


  • Him | A sport coat paired with a casual button down is a nice option here (or the button down alone) and khaki pants/shorts.  Not too dressed up but not so dressed down that it looks like you’re chilling out for the weekend.  Remember, it’s still a wedding and a good reason to dress nicely for a special occasion.

what to wear as a guest to a wedding | art in the fin


  • Her | Think lighter, natural, flowy.  If you opt for a dress, it can be knee-length or floor-length.  Because the mood of a beach wedding is meant to be more relaxed, less formal, you can play around with breezy, semi-structured styles.


  • Him | Linen suits are a great option here.  Or if you don’t own a linen suit, a light colored suit such as grey or light blue is also an option. Ties are not required.  If it’s beachy-casual, opt for linen or khaki pants and a linen or light colored shirt.

what to wear to a beach wedding | art in the find


Still in need of some help figuring out what to wear to a wedding as a guest?  No problem!  I also put together personalized virtual style lookbooks, similar to the ones you see here, but tailored towards your event, budget, and taste.  You let me know what event you’re headed to and I source online to find you the perfect outfit!  Read more about it here and feel free to shoot me an email or leave blog comment.  I read and respond to each and every one and would love to help you!

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