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Why You Need to Add A Womens Black Trench Coat to Your Wardrobe

Posted on: Monday, January 4, 2016

Moving to Toronto last February had a big impact on my style perspective.  My perspective is all about investing in long lasting winter pieces.  One of those pieces is a womens black trench coat.  This past year I started to learn to mix in what are versatile & functional pieces (like this womens black trench coat $140), without losing my “style identity”.  A trench coat is a super versatile piece that you can layer from fall through spring.

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Why a Womens Black Trench Coat is a Great Investment Piece

Ever since spending part of my summer in Paris, I fell in love with the classic womens black trench coat.  It’s sleek, timeless, and very, very versatile.  I did some digging around and came across this womens black trench coat from Revolve Clothing.  The price point was right up my alley and after ordering it online and getting it in the mail a few weeks ago, I’ve already worn it 3 times, despite the chilly winter like weather here in Toronto.

Looking for a great wardrobe addition to your closet for 2016? Here is a timeless womens black trench coat paired with a menswear style outfit on Art in the Find, style tips, style

Wearing a Black Trench Coat for a Menswear inspired outfit in 2016, womens trench coat, trench coat outfit, art in the find, style

Learning to mix minimal in 2016 with a black trench coat outfit, style, style tips, plaid top and a black trench coat

black trench coat outfit for 2016 on Art in the Find

A black trench coat outfit on art in the find, style tips, style, trench coat

I must say, when I first moved here, I did struggle a bit with my style identity and it look almost half a year for me to learn to adapt to what I call a more minimal “Toronto style”.  What’s that?  Well, I found when I lived in San Diego, maybe it was the warmer temperatures and all that sunshine, I found myself wearing a lot, I mean a whole lot, of color.

Here in Toronto, maybe it’s the cooler weather side of things, people, myself included, tend(ed) to embrace the greys, the blacks, the “minimal style” if you will.  One important thing I have learned is that maybe it’s not such an Toronto vs. San Diego thing.  Maybe it’s slightly adapting to your environment, while maintaining the style that you love.  I do love my colors, my patterns, my print mixing, but this go round in 2016, I’m pulling it all together with a minimal mix of color and style.

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  • Avatar Gabriella

    Love this black trench, Conni! You look radiant.

    I have yet to identify what my goals are too.. Ugh the struggle! Glad to have met you this year. Can’t wait to see how 2016 shapes up!

    xx Gabriella

    • Avatar Art in the Find

      I know it Gabby! Just one of those things I try not to think too much about because I know I’ll stop in a month anyways! Ha ha. Thanks so much for commenting! Hope to get to see you for the next brunch.


  • Avatar Sarah

    I love your coat so much that I ordered it for myself! I love your style and website.

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