Useful Closet Cleaning Tips

Posted on: Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Organizing Your Closet | Art in the Find

Closet Cleaning Tips || According to the calendar, fall is exactly 3 weeks away! According to the weather in San Diego, you’d think it was the middle of summer! Despite the warm temperatures, this is the time of year I start re-organizing my closet for fall, which is basically the equivalent to moving out for me.  You know, when I take thing out of my closet and evaluate each piece before categorizing it and putting it back in my closet.  Have you done this?  Maybe it’s the neurotic stylist in me but I get my kicks out of moving things around in my closet, it brings me a sense of peace and organizational zen…(Not you?? You can always hire me to do a closet edit for you..)

That being said, if you’re up to tackling the closet clean out & reorganization, I’ve got a few useful closet tips for you.

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Flats for Fall that Won’t Break the Bank

Posted on: Thursday, August 28, 2014

Flats for Fall that Won't Break the Bank
Flats for Fall ||  If you’re looking for flats for fall, you’re not alone.  Each time fall rolls around I re-evaluate the flats I have in my closet, re-0rganize the flats that are still in good condition, and donate the flats that I’ve given enough of my love and attention to over the years.   This is a great practice to keep a minimal, organized closet (which I know we all want!).

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3 Ways to Wear Your Jeans

Posted on: Tuesday, August 26, 2014

jeans for fall 2014

Photography| Photographs by Anjuli

Wearing jeans seems to be a non-negotiable.  We wear jeans to work (some of us on our casual Fridays, am I right?), out to dinner (dark wash skinnies? we’ve all got ‘em), and just about anywhere around town.  We all have our favorite brands too.  This fall you’re going to start to notice that brands all over are on the jean bandwagon with the creation of denim bars popping up in stores like Madewell and C.Wonder, from already established brands like Gap, to online retailers like Shopbop.  For fall, it’s a jean craze.

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Old Navy Style Finds for Under $50

Posted on: Sunday, August 24, 2014

Old Navy Style Finds Under $50

Getting geared up for a new season can be quite tricky on my wallet.  Sometimes I’m just looking for a quick find that is budget friendly to seamlessly fit into my already developed closet.  If you’re like me and looking for a closet find that will fit into your savvy budget, I’ve got a few for you from Old Navy.  Here are my Old Navy Style Finds for Under $50.  Why do I think these pieces will work?  Here’s why:

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