Four Reasons to Wear A Polka Dot Dress

Posted on: Monday, April 21, 2014

The polka dot.  Sweet, sweet polka dot.  Something about polka dots makes me feel slightly, childly whimsical and all grown up at the same time.  I fell in love with this Eliza J polka dot dress when I was planning the La Bonne Vie accessory exchange.  It came in the mail and I remember thinking, ‘How French, and the polka dots? ooh, la, la!’  I love the type of dress that you can wear in winter, with a darling cozy faux fur jacket thrown over it, or in spring, dolled up with bright accessories.  This  polka dot dress is just the one for that wear-year-round situation.

Four reasons you should have a French Polka Dot dress? If 1) you’re going to a wedding, perfect 2) you have a fun, girly event to go to, done , 3) you need a reason to feel French at a moment’s notice, voila and 4) Polka dots never go out of style. Reason enough.

 The French Polka Dot Dress You Should Have

polka dot dress eliza j

 Photographer: Kevin Falk 

Eliza j polka dot dress

polka dot dress


Necklace & Clutch: Vocabulary Boutique in Little Italy

Eliza J polka dot dress


Ring: Shel Couture, Watch: Kate Spade

Sergio Rossi bow heels

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Featured Friday: Bungalow 56 Interior Design

Posted on: Friday, April 18, 2014

web20130323_Bungalow56_shores__0058 copy 2

Featured Friday

Back in January, I sat down at a dinner with La Crema wines for Alt Summit, a blogging conference.  Little did I know that two lovely ladies from Coronado were also at that same fun-filled dinner.  At the end of the eve, as the wine was long gone, we were gathering ourselves up to leave, I was introduced to Karyn & Jess, those two lovelies from Coronado.  I promptly found out that they own an interior design company in Coronado by the name of Bungalow 56 (so cute, right?!?), and immediately knew I liked these gals.  Apart from their instant adorableness they are talkative, approachable, and downright darling.  Can you see why I liked them so much?!

Once back in San Diego, we met up again at one of my favorite Coronado spots, Tartine, for coffee.  And the gab-fest commenced once again.  They are a powerhouse of interior design.  They are stylish, driven, and they compliment one another perfectly.   Now it’s your turn to get to know Karyn & Jess of Bungalow 56!

Bungalow 56

Interview with Karyn & Jessica of Bungalow 56

Art in the Find: How did you come up with the name for your business?  What’s the story behind how your business get started?  What path led you to where you (or the company is) are today?  

Karyn:  Jessica and I grew up in the small town of Truckee, Ca. near Lake Tahoe. We met during high school and our paths crossed again when we were working in the fashion industry together a few years later. We always dreamnt of having our own store… We both ended up studying design and I was managing a design firm in Truckee and she in San Diego.  {A few years later,} I packed my bags for San Diego and we made a go of our dream.

Bungalow 56 was born out of our love for design, we wanted to have an entire lifestyle brand (we offer Interior Design and Event Design). We really want our clients to experience a life well lived from living in a gorgeous environment and being able to entertain with ease. Our goal is to open a store and eventually design our own line of furniture and home goods.

Art in the Find:  Where did the name come from?  

Karyn:  We wanted something that would reflect the coastal region we live in but also something kind of playful. The 56 part is a combination of our ages at the time we started the company. Jessica’s husband insists it’s the number of boyfriends we’ve had…

AF: What were/are some struggles/challenges you faced in the beginning of starting your business?  Any advice from those struggles you can give others starting out?

K: Honestly, the start up process and getting your name out there is the hardest part!  We have been fortunate to have a pretty great first year and we hope to just keep growing our business.  I would say the biggest challenge right now is balancing everything from with work and family, social media is a big part of our advertising and that is a full time job in itself and that is just one tiny element of what we accomplish in a day.

It’s nice to know that Jessica and I are in this together, having a business partner that is one of your best friends makes things much easier because we know each other so well. Our personalities compliment each other.

But I’m not gonna lie, there are some stressful days. You have to prioritize and remember that every day is a new day.  Keep moving forward. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming… And my favorite quote “Mind your own business, well.” Don’t worry about the other people are doing, focus on what you do best.

AF:  A favorite part about what you both do?

K:  That’s easy! We get to be creative everyday.  I think I would suffocate if I didn’t get to create something every single day. Jessica is so great with all the graphic design and technical aspects, and she lives to bake. I love to cook and refinish furniture. We do a lot of creative posts and projects on our blog, that’s probably one of the things we look forward to each month.

Bungalow 56

Tuscan Garden Party by Bungalow 56

The other is the relationships we have developed with clients and other people in our industry, we truly love what we do and it’s just a bonus when we meet amazing people along the way.

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My DIY Planter + Some DIY Easter Inspiration

Posted on: Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Every now and again what I used to love becomes something I want to make a little change to in my living space.  Does that happen to you?  Once I’m finished with one space, I’ll start to look over another and want to make changes here and there.  Sometimes it’s a big change (i.e.: couch reupholster, hard wood floors….), sometimes it’s a tiny change that makes a subtle but improved impact in a room.

This week, I decided to tackle our outdoor space.  When I say outdoor,  I mean our tiny, 8 x 5 “patio” outside our condo on the 13th floor that I’ve previously tried to stuff with various “patio” items that haven’t quite made me feel very patio inspired.  It works but it just hasn’t been “me”.  So.  I’m changing it.  Starting small and making a few subtle changes, which will hopefully turn into more of me.  If you’re an urban dweller like I am, creating a dreamy patio becomes somewhat of a challenge.  You have to be very creative.  (I love this little space on Apartment Therapy). What kind of patio space do you have?   What challenges have you overcome to create a space that’s more you?

Luckily, in the next week or two, there will be a few changes to my patio of which I might find myself outside just a bit more, enjoying all spring in San Diego has to offer.  More me?  Indeed.  To start off with a small change, I’m re-painting or DIY-ing a planter that has been on the patio, doing for the last three months.  No plants, no nothing.  We’ll change that, yes we will!  With a fresh coat of flat white Krylon spray paint, we will have a renewed and now reused planter on the patio!


Start with….Ye olde’ planter, non-use style.

DIY Planter

Grab a…..bottle of Krylon spray paint, in flat white.  But you must also prep your work area with a quick trash bag and some painters tape!

DIY Planter

Then, make sure you’re in an open air space, get your spray on!  One nice coat, back and forth, shall do.  But for good measure, you can add a second coat.  The bonus with this spray paint is that it dries to the touch in 10 minutes!  That’s my kinda of DIY job!

DIY Planter

And…voila!  Set your planter up for success by adding some lovely succulents or a ficus tree (those super popular, in all the magazines and blogs plants…they’re great!).  I opted for the succulent plants as I’ve been known to accidentally kill a plant or two in my day and succulents are on the relatively easy side to care for.  (Although, I’ve been known to bury a few of these too…)

DIY Planter

At North Park Nursery, I purchased some Desert Soil (a must for succulents) and with the help of my lovely friend Robin, she very kindly gave me a variety of succulents from her garden, yard, and home.   And away I planted to make my new planter just perfect for my cozy patio.

DIY planter

DIY planter

DIY Planter

Still in the redecorating phases, the patio, and the planter, will receive a proper reveal in the next week or so!  Stay tuned….

In the mean time, I’ll satiate your palate with a few fun Easter egg DIY’s that I’ve been pining over and want to try and replicate this weekend…nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh?   You can also take a peek at my Pastels Board on Pinterest for more DIY’s and Style inspiration.

Freutcake Easter Eggs

DIY Gold Leaf Easter Eggs via: Freutcake

DIY Sharpie Eggs

DIY Sharpie Eggs via: Paper & Stitch

Glitter Eggs Studio DIY

Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs via Studio DIY

Any DIY plans in your future? Stay tuned for the patio reveal in the next week or so!  

Make-Up 101: Moms and the 5 Minute Make-Up Routine

Posted on: Monday, April 14, 2014

Today’s fabulous guest post comes from my darling friend, Jamie,  Teacher, blogger, and amazing new mommy to an absolutely dapper baby boy, Nathan.  One of the strengths for Jamie as a mom is keeping up with her beauty routine with the shift from less “self” time to more “mommy time”.

news from LaFuze

She’s an amazing women who has some awesome tips to share with Art in the Find readers, a lot of whom are new mommies themselves! Even if you’re not (like me) it’s still an awesome resource to have for the days when you don’t have all the extra time you wish you had to get ready!  Enjoy, Make-Up 101: The Mom’s (and non-moms) 5 Minute Make-up Routine!

Being a new mom changes you in a very short amount of time.  All of a sudden you love this precious babe more than you ever thought possible, and you soon realize how valuable sleep is.  I’ve learned so much in these past three months, but one thing I have definitely learned is that I can accomplish a lot in a very short amount of time.  Clean the floors in ten minutes?  Sure!  What used to take me half an hour to do now takes half the amount of time.
One area that I’ve worked hard to maintain is beauty and overall self-care.  I’ve naturally learned how to simplify and work fast.  Even if I’m in taking care of my little guy in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, putting my make-up on just makes me feel better about myself and as a mom.  My make-up now only takes me 5 minutes!  The other morning as I was applying the final touches of mascara I started to wonder what on earth I used to do for my make-up that would take me 15 minutes.
Keeping my make-up routine short does not mean that it lacks, leaving me feeling a little “less than”.  The key is using high quality products that go on easy, require minimal effort, and last all day long.  I also am passionate about using natural products.  Not everything I use is plant-based, but the ones I’ve found that are-are definitely worth the money. After trying many different products over the years, I think I’ve hit the mark on which ones are keepers that will never leave my make-up routine.
Make-Up 101 for Moms:  From Start to Finish 
How on earth did I ever live without this magic pot?  This. Stuff. Works.  It instantly covers up my dark circles (thank you dear baby of mine) with minimal product, and it definitely doesn’t feel like I’m caking on make-up.
I don’t use foundation, so I have searched high and low for a powder with lasting power that also gives me great coverage.  This powder does the trick, and it stays with me all day long.  It goes on so smoothly and I never feel like I have layers of make-up on.
Not only can you get this brush at Target on your weekly trip, but it is also so affordable!
Two things about this cheek butter won me over: it is made out of natural ingredients and you apply it with your fingers.  This means no brush is needed and it goes on amazingly fast!  The creaminess feels great on my face, too.
This little tubs is my life saver.  It helps my eye shadow go on beautifully and keeps it there.
I splurged on this palette for my birthday last year, and it has definitely paid off.  There are so many color choices that the combinations are endless.  I LOVE that I can use one product for a simple everyday look and a more glamorous look.  Booty Call and Suspect are my go-to favorites that I wear each day.
This mascara goes on so smoothly and makes my lashes more voluminous, plus it doesn’t clump and requires just one coat…maybe two if I need a little more of a drastic look.
Written by, Jamie of News from LaFuze.  Head over to her blog to catch more of her honest thoughts about motherhood & life balance.  Follow Jamie on Instagram @jamieleighla.  


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