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Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

Posted on: Friday, July 12, 2019

Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the most highly anticipated events that happens all year.  To help you shop, I’ve pulled together some of my most useful info that will help you make smart purchases during the sale.  I’ve also created a fun printable for you, to help you stay organized!  Here are all my insider tips and tricks to help you shop the sale with ease!

art in the find shops the nordstrom anniversary sale in a new leopard print dress for fall


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The Best Places to Donate and Sell Your Clothes Online

Posted on: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A big topic lately has been where to sell your clothes online.  This has come up due in part to everyone wanting to tidy up their closets.  I’ve also been discussing this topic during my Wine Wednesday Style Chats on Instagram Stories and have received great feedback.  So I thought I’d do a round up of the best resources to donate and sell your clothes online.

If you're looking to sell your clothing online, here is a round up of the best places to buy, sell, and donate. Clothing consignment, where to sell clothes online | womens clothing | poshmark | tradesy | clothing donation | art in the find styling | clothing donation san diego

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Three Ways to Organize Your Closet to Fit Your Lifestyle

Posted on: Friday, May 10, 2019

One of the most important services I work on with clients is to develop ways to organize your closet to fit within your lifestyle needs.  This was also another reader/follower topic request to write about and it’s one of my favorite subjects.  To me, an organized closet is like a bed that is made every morning.  It just looks better and leads to more outfit efficiency.  So, today’s topic is all about the ways in which you can organize what hangs in your closet, so it suits your everyday lifestyle.

Often get overwhelmed with a disorganized, messy closet? Wardrobe styist Conni Jespersen shows you three ways to organize your closet to fit your lifestyle. | ways to organize your closet | best way to organize a small closet | declutter my closet | tidy up | marie kondo | closet organization | tips for organizing your closet | best ways to organize a closet | womens closet | closet tips

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How to Find the Right Dress for Your Body Type

Posted on: Thursday, April 18, 2019

Struggle with finding the right dress for your body type?  Ever wonder why that is?  Let’s start with the two obvious reasons that we sometimes forget about when shopping.  One, we all have different body types.  Yes, they can be categorized by fruits (apple, pear…), letters (I or H), even shapes (circular, oval, etc.)  But if we’re being really, real, each of us have unique body types.  Which brings me to the second reason we struggle.  Dresses are not tailored to fit every unique body type.  They (most) are massed produced for quick consumption.  So how do you, the everyday woman, figure out how to find the right dress for your body type?  Here are five elements of a dress to assess whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

Struggle to find that perfect dress for you? Wardrobe Stylist, Conni Jespersen, shares 5 tips for finding the right dress for your body type.


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